Flying of foreign pilots over the area of Slovak Republic

This does not applies to pilots attending organized events like competitions.

Flying of foreign pilots over the area of Slovak Republic

Foreign pilots of flying sport devices (FSD), who own their national documents required for
flying need an approval of the Traffic Bureau of Slovak Republic for admission to the area of

The Traffic Bureau (TB) accepts applications delivered to the registry of TB in written form
or applications sent by E-mail including attachments of required documents as electronic

Dopravný úrad
Letisko M.R. Štefánika
823 05 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

E-mail: and at the same time as copy to
FAX: +421 (0)2 4342 0331

If the statement of the TB can be delivered by E-mail, an application has to be delivered
minimally two working days before an intended flight through the Slovak air area.
Note: In case of written communication longer delivery time must be considered.

Besides the identification of applicant and an address for delivery, an application should also
consist of:
1. Time of your flight and the purpose of conduction of FSD in the Slovak air area;
2. A verification of registration;
3. A document verifying capability for flying, for instance the Verification of Flight
Capability which includes limitations or the Permission for Flight including
4. A noise verification (if it is issued);
5. A permission for establishment and operation of connecting and radionavigating
devices if they are on board;
6. The document of insurance for responsibility for damage caused by usage of FSD;
7. The certificate of professional capability and the verification of pilot’s (applicant’s)
health capability.

The TB reserves the right to require additional documents or information from the applicant.
The permission is issued for the declared aim and term of operation, but not for more than one
calendar year and stated limits can be added to it.

The permission and recognition of documents is for free.